Nissan Oil Change in Wichita Falls, TX

Nissan Oil Change Service

An oil change at Nissan of Wichita Falls takes care of your immediate need to replace the oil in your vehicle - but that's just the start. Our team of expert Nissan service technicians will also change the oil filter in your vehicle with a Nissan oil filter designed with an anti-drainback valve to help with engine wear and tear. They will also perform a complimentary multi-point inspection to make sure your vehicle is operating the way Nissan designed it.

Nissan Oil Change Coupons in Wichita Falls, TX

Whether you like to budget out all your monthly expenses, or just like saving money, consider taking advantage of a Nissan service or parts coupon next time you need to schedule service at Nissan of Wichita Falls.

Oil Change Tips

  • Generally, you want to change the oil in your Nissan every 5,000 miles. However, the frequency of your oil change also depends, in part, on the age of your vehicle, how you drive your vehicle, and the type of oil you use. Consult your owner's manual or contact the Nissan oil change experts at Nissan of Rochester and we'll be happy to tell you how often you should be changing the oil in your specific vehicle.
  • One of the easiest - but most important - steps in vehicle maintenance is an oil change. You need oil in your engine to lubricate all the moving parts, remove engine deposits, and keep your engine running smoothly. But after a period of time, that oil starts to break down and accumulate sludge and debris. Following the Nissan factory-recommended oil change intervals helps your engine operate at peak efficiency, extends your engine's life, and works to prevent your engine from overheating, seizing, and failing.
  • Conventional motor oil is refined from crude oil, and has for years been the standard lubricant for a vehicle's engine. Synthetic oil is a specially engineered lubricant that offers superior engine protection, extends oil and engine life, resists high heat, flows better and allows more consistent starts in cold weather, and helps protect better against sludge or corrosion in your engine. Most of the advanced engines in today's vehicles perform best with synthetic oil, plus you can use synthetic oil in older vehicles with high mileage. Genuine Nissan motor oil - required in most new Nissan models - is full synthetic 0W-20, and is approved for use in place of 5W-30 oil.
Think you need a check-up? Give us a call today at (940) 400-0789 or schedule service online. At Nissan of Wichita Falls, we look forward to helping you keep your Nissan vehicle in top driving shape!